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2nd Annual Multnomah Food Summit

Fri, 06/03/2011 - 9:00am - 4:00pm
University Place Hotel & Convention Center
310 SW Lincoln St
Portland, OR 97214


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June 3rd, 2011

2nd Annual Multnomah Food Summit: Implementing Sustainable Food System Actions

Requests for Proposals (RFP) begins April 8, 2011

Early Registration opens May 6, 2011

Visit to submit a RFP and Register!

 The 2nd Annual Multnomah Food Summit will focus on implementing actions of the Multnomah Food Action Plan. To Grow and Thrive by 2025 we will come together to develop strategic partnships and identify gaps and barriers to fostering a sustinable, healthy, equitable, and prosperous local food system in Multnomah County.


The Multnomah Food Initiative started as an innovative community partnership to develop a shared food system vision, goals, and an action plan that will promote issues of health, social justice, economic vitality, and sustainability within our regional food system. Thank you to the Multnomah Food Initative Steering Committee and the over 400 organizations and community members who provided input, guidance, and support in this endeavor. Look what we accomplished together, which we surely could not have accomplished alone: The Multnomah Food Action Plan 2010-2025! 



Where: University Place Hotel & Convention Center (310 SW Lincoln Street, Portland, OR)


When: 9am - 4pm Friday, June 3rd, 2011


Who: Stakeholders, Organizations & Individuals working towards a more local, healthy, equitable, and prosperous food system

Thank you

 to the Multnomah Food Initiative Steering Committee and to the hundreds of organizations and community members who provided input, guidance, and support in this endeavor.  It wouldn't have been possible with your dedication

 and enthusiasm.



The Multnomah Food Action Plan  CROPS fields
A Tool for Our Community 
In Multnomah County, tremendous community effort has been focused on preventing chronic disease, improving food access and security, and building a robust local food system. Because of these past and existing efforts, our community is seen as a role model for the rest of the country in terms of our local food system. 
Yet the bottom line remains, despite notable successes, we have considerable barriers to overcome before we achieve a truly sustainable, local food system. Our community still ranks high on hunger and obesity rates, and we have not yet capitalized on the economic development potential for our regional food system. 
Until now, Multnomah County has lacked clear goals for its food system and a coordinated strategy for achieving those goals. Recognizing the need for community-wide collaboration, The Multnomah Food Action Plan was developed through key stakeholder and community input to set forth a shared vision, food system goals, and a long-term action plan for our community.
The Multnomah Food Action Plan is designed as a tool to help focus our community's resources and efforts on community-established priorities so that we plan and invest wisely. Food system stakeholders are invited to align their strategic efforts within the plan and its community-supported vision, food system goals, and actions. Working together we can overcome barriers, forge new partnerships, enact new policies, and raise awareness so that it will be easy for families to choose healthy and locally-produced food.

Key Findings from the 2010 Food Summit

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  • 95% of participants said that the Food Summit increased their knowledge of food system issues. "Bringing diverse perspectives together to talk about food was amazing!  It was great to see so many folks who are engaged in this work; providing us an opportunity to network & connect was valuable."
  • Community Vision:  Strong themes emerged on connecting and collaborating,  healthy people, food access, local food, and the local economy. "A food system without inequities and hunger." "A local food system that connects people and promotes the local economy."
  • Benefits of a Shared Action Plan A strong consensus that our community will mutually benefit from having a shared vision, goals and an action plan. "Having a shared vision and plan will act as a catalyst for all the future work and political will that needs to come together if we are to truly move the ball forward."
  • What Actions are Needed to Achieve Our Goals?:  Many participants identified the following as critical - having one voice and common goals, making food system issues a policy priority, developing political and community leadership, highlighting successes, working together, better educational campaign and messaging, support future farmers and nearby process/distribution infrastructure, expanding urban food growing and empower urban gardeners, acquire urban agriculture land, and a centralized food system network.

Jeff Cogan, Multnomah County Chair

Kat West, Office of Sustainability Director


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For more information email us at or contact Katie Lynd, Community Food Policy Coordinator, in the Office of Sustainability at 503-988-6150.



University Place Hotel & Convention Center
310 SW Lincoln St
Portland, OR 97214
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